The Edited Wardrobe Group Workshop


Do you ever stand at your wardrobe pre-morning-coffee feeling like you have nothing despite having many clothes?

Kellie Sturm & Brooke Snopek, the co-founding designers of ARYELE are graduates of The University of Technology, Sydney.

Kellie is a talented Fashion designer with an Honours Degree in Fashion Design & Textiles. After graduating, Kellie was snapped up by the Fashion Industry in Melbourne and was tasked with traveling the world as a trend forecaster to inform coming seasons in Australia. Kellie is passionate about sustainability and now uses her background to predict and design pieces that will outlast the quick passing trends.  And.....She is humble, lovely, funny and the perfect balance of kind and honest.

Brooke is an award-winning designer with an Honours Design Degree in Interiors. Brooke worked for a number of renowned Architecture Firms before becoming a Lecturer at Billy Blue College of Design. Brooke's passion for sustainable design continues now as a co-founding designer of ARYELE.  She is passionate about designing flattering well-made pieces. Brooke relates to morning chaos as a busy working mum and the daily struggle to feel put together. She loves empowering women with the tools to create their own edited wardrobes and to know the freedom of less is more.

Gather 4 of your friends and we will open ARYELE just for you!

3 hours with designers Kellie Sturm & Brooke Snopek In-Store After-Hours. We will start off with an inspiring & actionable Workshop followed by a Private Shopping Experience for you and 4 friends. Drinks & Nibbles provided.

Discover the benefits of minimalist style

Tips to simplify your wardrobe

How to buy less but have more options

Build a foundation of timeless key items

Discover styling tips to suit your shape

Create go-to looks to suit your lifestyle


Kellie & Brooke currently have Thursday Nights between 6-9pm available for Group Workshops, pick the Thursday night that suits you when you book online. Please email us if a different night would suit you and your friends.

Cost: $65 per person. A Group of 5 people is required per group workshop booking. Total Cost for 5 people is $325.

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